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Friday, April 18, 2014

Haiku on Wisdom/ Trade/ Morning/ Measure


Free information
Not necessarily truth
And rarely wisdom

A small child playing
Seemingly oblivious
Getting of wisdom

My daily ‪haiku
Exercise in ‪mindfulness
Searching for wisdom

Be good sweet young maid
And let who will be clever
A mother's wisdom


Boy followed father
Turning chair legs on the lathe
The carpenter's trade

Begone thou foul trade
Car parts manufacturing
Not Australian

The highwayman's trade
Your money or your life... Choose!
There is no contest


Morning has broken
Cracked open by midday sun
Burning through to night

Morning glory swells
So nice to still have hormones
At my time of life

Each Tuesday morning
Garbage collectors arrive
Whine, crash, bang, wallop

Mantra in my mind
Bubbles up to the surface
So, why this morning?


The tailor's measure
Like the doctor's stethoscope
Draped around the neck

Final eulogy
Will not have the time or space
To measure her worth

Like plain Russian dolls
Cooking measures snuggle up
Waiting to be used

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