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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Haiku on Gamble/ Switch/ Bar/ Well


Horse gambols in field
Man gambles on the horses
Bookmaker wins field

Gamble with your health
Eat more junk food and soda
What to lose but life

Gamble with climate
Use up our fossil fuels
Not your cremation


Rat with a sweet tooth
Presses the red switch again
To get just desserts

The frown of dark clouds
Lifted as she got the joke
Eyes switched to sunny

Which switch is which, miss?
Is this itch for Ipswich, titch?
Or has it been scratched?


Member of the Bar
Not a coffee barista
A real barrister

Hit with iron bar
They thought he might not bounce back
What, Michelin Man?

A fruit and nut bar
Source of healthy energy
For those on the run


A welcome gateway
Torii above the old well
Shrine with a bucket

A frog jumps
Into the well

An old village well
The watershed of learning
Drawing deep on myth

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