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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Haiku on Rumour/ Train/ Mask/ Code


Magpies on the fence
Chortling over a rumour
Nothing's black and white

Dinner discussions
Rumour and rhubarb crumble
Tickling the tastebuds

There is a rumour
I'm withdrawing from the fray
But the fires burn yet


Train standing ready
Passengers all sitting down
Timetable lying

You cannot train men
To put loo seat down, or clean...
It's anathema

A clockwork train set
Rusting deep in the attic
Winding down like me


Mask of sanity
Slipped into depths of despair
Revealing his pain

Her face was a mask
When peeled, her face still a mask
So very scary

Old Venetian mask
Never attended a ball
Eyeless and pointless


Genetic coda
DNA Plus for humans
A code of ethics

Gamblers' winning code
Never hand over losses
Play another hand

Oh, damn, dot dot dot
I have to dash off to work
What's morse code for 'sick'?

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