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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Haiku on Rescue/ Offer/ Escape/ Shift


Red and yellow caps
Little surf life savers train
For the big rescue

New helicopter
For the search and rescue team
Rotary angel

She stopped taking drugs
Threw the alcohol away
Mental health rescue


Spring offered A deal
I'll come early; you can sleep
Winter answered snow

It's a free offer
With absolutely no strings
Send me your email

A new job offer
Working just for commission
No real salary


T'was love at first bite
Single drop of blood escaped
Dribbled down his chin

Escape daily grind
Move up to the Sunshine Coast
Lose television

We cannot escape
Our lives are planned before birth
Never see the script


Makeshift raft of sorts
Kon Tiki expedition
What a lot of luck

Slip beneath her dress
Slight shift in the evening plan
Slide back into bed

Today I feel good
Yesterday was a trial
Shifting sands of life

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