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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Haiku on Result/ Barrier/ Mess/ Schedule


Each moment precious
Savour both the good and bad
Results don't matter

Winning and losing
Ephemeral joy and pain
Result in headaches

A single kind thought?
Kindness is a way of life
There is no 'result'


'New Resilience'
The barrier cream for life
Smear on in childhood

The inward journey
Pass defensive barriers
In search of true self

Doorway to Heaven
The rose stripped of all her thorns
Last barrier breached

Child barrier breached
Tumbled headlong down the stairs
Learning the hard way


Tidy pristine home
Perfectly attired and coiffed
Mind a roiling mess

A tidy desktop
Sign of a sick mind, they say
Love the mess on mine

A noise with dirt on
Definition of a boy
Gotta love the mess

Finished my haiku
Then looked out at the garden
Oh dear, what a mess


Old bus timetable
Uniform, cap and satchel
Meeting school schedule

My first day at work
And so the journey begins
Retirement schedule

Waterloo station
The train on platform seven
Leaving on schedule

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