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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Youth Suicide: Recognising the Signs

This was the first video in a workshop based training resource for general practitioners and community psychologists and mental health workers. In the mid 1990s, 'Keep Yourself Alive' trained over 8500 professionals across Australia in a total of 150 2-day workshops.
This video introduces the issue of suicidality in young people, reflects some of their views about the issue, and discusses risk and protective factors. There are 3 more videos in the package:
'Youth Suicide: What do I do now?"
'Youth Suicide: What do I do next?"
'After Suicide: Picking up the pieces"

You could use this video as a conversation starter in a small group of young people, or in a conference format.

Keep Yourself Alive - Youth Suicide: Recognising the Signs.

Just be aware. You (or others) may find this video challenging, and it may even remind you of bad times in the past, and possibly trigger old solutions.
Watch the video with a friend, or a family member - someone who can support you if you become distressed.

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