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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Haiku on Trust/ Meteor/ Drop/ Gamble


Love from his mother
Held in trust for his children
Family heirloom

Patients trust doctors
To use their skill and wisdom
Hippocratic oath

Some people believe
Money makes the world go round
Trust me, they are wrong


Meteor shower
Northern hemisphere fireworks
A travelling show

The black meteor
Harbinger of doom in myths
No travel today

A time traveller
Meteoric rise to fame
Future foretelling


Just dropping a hint
Can't see you very clearly
Please clean my glasses

We are out of juice
Not a drop in the cupboard
Could squeeze an orange

Drop of orange juice
Splashed upon my clean white shirt
Covered by my tie


Life is a gamble
Knowledge and intuition
Become decision

Know when to hold 'em
But know when to fold 'em too
Johnny Cash gamble

Maybe stay at school
Or go out and get a job
Teenage life gamble

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