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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Haiku On Check/ Overdue/ Plain/ Bask


You're really OK?
Just thought I had better check
You seem a bit down

The morning after
Was that all to your liking?
Just wanted to check

Medical check up
Every possible test
Nothing wrong at all


Two words overdue
Eventually squeezed out
Reluctant 'Thank you'

Baby overdue
Eventually emerged
Slightly hairy face

Overdue for run
Too slothful or exhausted
Never quite sure which


Plain brown paper bag
Innocently under desk
Services rendered

Sky covered in cloud
Yet no rain on the parched plain
The gods are teasing

Plain and simple rings
Exchanged as a commitment
Deep pool of meaning


An old homeless man
Basking in reflected warmth
Wall Street office lights

An old basking shark
Second largest living fish
Hoovering plankton

You shine from within
Your kindness warmth to the world
I bask in shadow

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