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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Haiku on Miss/ Think/ Face/ Left


Miss the good old days
Our can do naïveté
No challenge too big

Little Miss Muffet
Tried to share her curds and whey
With tuffet spider

Trouble finding park
Rushed to get to cinema
Missed the adverts


Argue pros and cons
Consider alternatives
Think and never do

Thinking Ooslam bird
Round in decreasing circles
Disappearing trick

Saving some brain cells
Make decisions, follow through
Don't miss out 'thinking'


Demons are inside
We have to face them each day
And send them to hell

On the face of it
Governments seem to manage
Impending chaos

Behind the thick mask
There were more covert layers
No-one saw her face


Frugal manager
Household finances on track
Leftovers for tea

A creative child
Left to his own devices
Always in trouble

Down and left a bit
Can you scratch a bit harder?
Mmm, now you've got it

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