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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Haiku on Toll/ Split/ Sky/ Few


Driving through tunnels
Satisfying exit beep
Good, I paid the toll

Oh the daily grind
Getting up, driving, working
It can take its toll

Like to ring your bell
Teasing, stirring and loving
Always pay the toll


Huge grin split his face
And then his mind exploded
His future shattered

Ear splitting Kiai
Two halves of wood sent flying
With a single punch

A brain split in two
Corpus Callosum severed
Left hand did not know...


Fury in the sky
Forked lightning thrown to the earth
Rolling thunder growls

From a dark night sky
Furies join to drive men mad
Who murder spouses

Sky fading from blue
Fury dark like darkest night
Will fuel my dreams


Last few pieces in box
Puzzling activity
Picture now complete

First few drops of rain
Need to get the washing in
Activity surge

Last few threads removed
Stop motion activity
Climbs between the sheets

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