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Monday, January 25, 2016

Haiku on Flows/ Drink/ Couple/ Lucky


Blood flows through old veins
Gentle thoughts flow through old minds
They smile together

Water flows again
He just has to be patient
Old man with prostate

She flows into rooms
Cutting off the oxygen
As all the men gasp


I kiss your eyelids
Drink nectar from your sweet lips
And drown in your love

We, with immense pride
In our children, grandchildren,
Drink to their success

With the greatest care
I drink from the well of life
Not wasting a drop


A couple of pens
Duelling over haiku
One is tipped to win

A couple of ideas
Working in tandem
Cycled through my mind

As a young Boy Scout
He was a couple of pegs
Short of a good tent


Worked hard all his life
Achieving most of his goals
Some called him lucky

Had lucky penny
Then needed lucky dollar
Cost of inflation

Lucky is the man
Who is at peace with himself
So hard to achieve

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