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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Haiku on Help/ Crooked/ Label/ Tiny


I want to help you
I'll sit down, shut up, listen
Find shared solution

A mental health day
Quietly sifting the week
All the help I need

Some help can do harm
Like gratuitous advice
Not understanding

Need help with tangles?
Think we need to brush your hair
I will be careful


He crooked a finger
And the old sheep came trotting
She knew the shepherd

His crooked body
Hid a brilliant twisted mind
No one thought to ask

From the beginning
The house always looked crooked
Slightly forbidding


Old male doctor
Wannabe haiku poet
Shorthand label box

An address label
Name, number, destination
Helps the post office

Words cannot define
The essence of the true me
Labels don't come close


Tiny wind blown seed
Took root in a rock fissure
Finding nourishment

'No', a tiny word
Staccato and rejecting
Yet so powerful

Tiny little thought
Crossed my mind the other day
Think I trod on it

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