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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Haiku on Mess/ Become/ Storm/ Sleep


A glorious mess
Christmas wrapping everywhere
Ten months to go

Such beautiful food
Tastefully designed, prepared
A mess inside me

My mind is a mess
Screwed up thoughts, anxieties
Need to meditate


Your clothes become you
But there is little inside
Some fluff and nonsense

Become what you can
Dream the impossible dream
And work towards it

Raindrops coalesce
River becomes a torrent
Flood seeks out the sea


Storm inside my head
Clears as these things always do
Now I see the light

Storm shelter all night
Awoke to birds wittering
Always a good sign

Storm in a teacup
Tea leaves will tell the future
They usually do


Some need four hours sleep
I feel awfully guilty
I seem to need nine

Sleep of innocents
Just watch the nightly bad news
For nightmares of guilt

A poor decision
Slept in arms of Morpheus
Lost innocent sleep

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