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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Haiku on Yesterday/ Hide/ Together/ Effort


Yesterday's small girl
A confidant young woman
Taking on the world

Dying to be loved
Yesterday's abused children
Today's statistics

When will I know all?
And the oracle answered
Yesterday, my dear


Hide your true feelings
And they may never return
In such purity

Playing hide and seek
The child crawled under the bed
To return next day

That man has such hide
Twisted manipulator
Thinks we'll vote for him


In the global war
Together we will conquer
Divided we fall

Clouds fuse together
Cumulonimbus piled high
Birds have gone quiet

Surprising moment
Thoughts concluding together
Pinky linking time


Why hurt one person?
With a little more effort
You can stir nations

A hard day's living
Waking up, breathing, eating
Such a big effort

Walking the forest
Unpicks jumbles in my mind
No effort at all

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