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Monday, June 29, 2015

Haiku on Pace/ Goal/ Side/ Wind/ Fright & Warm


So close to my heart
You set rhythms to my days
Pacemaker lover

He took one more pace
Enfolding her in his arms
The audience gasped

Living mindfulness
Requiescat in pace
The mind gentles down


Mountain has a goal
Outlive these mindless creatures
Sitting stony faced

Goals are for sportsmen
Wishful thinking is the norm
Ordinary folk

They took turns with dice
A six would give him his goal
Her jade doorway key


The old side of beef
Gone out of fashion today
Too much fat and bone

Always on your side
Even when I know you're wrong
Love does some strange things


Joke to wind you up
Your impassive face suggests
My timing was wrong

The North wind doth blow
What will the robin do then
Why, play in the snow

Bad case of the wind
A public embarrassment
Just need to pop off

Fright & Warm

The fright of my life
A warm puddle on the floor
Oh dear, was that me?

Gave her such a fright
When she fell into the pond
Retrieved wet and warm

A fright night special
Warm blood dripping through ceiling
Calling the Bones team

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