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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Haiku on Hope/ Learn/ Tear/ Loud/ Sorry


Hope cannot be found
It takes a lot of hard work
To change this sad world

Look for solutions
Focus less on the problems
And hope can be found

Hope is found in dreams
The unconscious always knows
Which solution works


We learn about love
Our childhood wounds dressed with care
This may sting a bit

Hard lessons to learn
No such thing as a quick buck
Usually a sting

Learn the boxer's art
Float like pretty butterfly
Sting like threatened bee


Solitary tear
Trickles down her joyous face
Time to say: "I do"

Moment's reflection
Must be involved in this life
My tear sheds the I

Follow instructions
Just tear down the dotted line
To open life's box


Green suit and pink shirt
Yellow shoes, flaming red hair
A bit loud, you clown

A loud engine roar
Bloke's Harley across the road
He's going to work

Whisper in the dark
Thunder loud in the silence
Shivers down the spine


Not really sorry
Sure it will happen again
Just like to tease you

They left confident
Did their duty on front line
Sorry state return

Slick apologies
Pardon... Excuse me... Sorry...
Just figures of speech

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