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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Haiku on Light/ Recover/ Blend/ Penultimate and Others


The light shined on us
This Christmas celebration
Best of everything

Love light in your eyes
Everything comes down to this
Best of responses

A year of the best
Everything fell into place
Lighting the pathway


Never recover
Gather energy, adapt
Move on, different

Recover from food
And excessive alcohol
New Year's Eve beckons

Favourite armchair
Recovered in a new style
Never quite the same


No pure black or white
We're all genetic mix ups
Unique colour blend

Blueberries and ice
Yoghurt and coconut milk
Morning smoothie blend

You speak my dark thoughts
And wash them in laughing light
Unique blend of love


Counting down from 10
Penultimate second reached
Time stopped forever

Watching the mirror
Saw penultimate hair drop
Baldness one away

The latest laptop
Pen ultimate replacement
Thought transfer is next


Enjoy family
And your home environment
Travel brings dangers

Sloves gyred and gymbled
Dyslexic Jabberwocky
With small contraction

You solve one problem
And create another one
Someone's Law, maybe?

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