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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Haiku on Story/ Content/ Discover/ Jump


Exquisite story
Words chosen so carefully
To evoke the mood

There is the story
And then there is the subtext
I read in your eyes

I read and re-read
The story of your body
Each scar a triumph


Content with Haiku
He created contention
No further content

Stood on the top rung
Content with his achievements
Then slid down the slide

Life is a process
Content different for each
The unique journey


Discover the depths
Look into her deep brown eyes
And lose your old self

Discover your soul
The risk in meditation
Meeting the real you

Know about the risk
Now discover protections
Against child abuse


Plain brown kangaroo
Jumped fence into the paddock
For the sweetest grass

Plain clothes policemen
Entered our home and said 'jump'
The firecrackers helped

He told me to jump
Being much bigger than I
I asked him how high?

Trampoline of life
Jump till we overbalance
Laughing as we learn

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