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Friday, February 6, 2015

Haiku on Model/ Shape/ Cup/ Storm


Model of a bridge
Across artificial pond
With plastic lotus

The model railway
Gathers attic dust waiting
For the next green light

She's built superbly
A top of the range model
Pussy cat who roars


I have looked at you
Most every day of my life
Such exquisite shape

Used to be in shape
My spinal cord injury
Changed life's direction

The womb shaped my life
Spent the next seventy years
Seeking re-entry


He cupped her small chin
Stared deeply into her eyes
And bent to kiss her

Coffee cup empty
Brain emerges from the fog
Time to go to work

My cup runneth over
Happiness poured from teapot
Never did work well


I sit in quiet
My mind storm slowly settles
Finding peace within

Conquer universe
Storm troopers on other worlds
Limited vision

The eye of the storm
We sit in subdued silence
Battened down for more

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