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Monday, February 23, 2015

Haiku on Beg/ Stare/ Tell/ Pry


Open and raw wound
Begs for any healing salve
Painful memories

Outside casino
No energy left to beg
He has had his chips

If I had to beg
Grovelling on poor old knees
T'would be for world peace


You stare at my face
Dear prosopagnosia
No recognition

Woman over there
Stares at my face knowingly
Wonder what she knows

Stare into mirror
If you can judge your true self
You may judge others


Tim’s telling tall tales
To teach alliteration
Terrifying tots

Tell or not to tell
Schoolyard bully does not care
I have the power

Wood smoke in the air
Tells me there is a bushfire
Burning to know where

Carry her to term
Whispering, playing music
Born she'll be attached


You don't have to pry
My life is an open book
Gift on wedding day

Pry if you want to
Life in photos and comments
It's all on Facebook

I am paid to pry
A trained curiosity
Reconnecting self

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