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Monday, March 27, 2017

Haiku on Wall/ Fire/ Island/ Pool


When people build walls
They must remember the gates
Ingress and egress

In this interlude
It doth befall that I, Snout
Am to present 'Wall'

We live behind walls
Does it protect us from them
Or all them from us?


Fire in the belly
From the roaring flames of youth
To age's flicker

Nice piece of charcoal
Once a branch that went through fire
Now draws on cousins

Doubt that stars are fire
Doubt thou that the sun doth move
Never doubt I love


Bribie Island home
The 'Sunburnt Country' island
Lies off our coastline

An old John Donne quote
'No man is an island', eh?
Sometimes feels like it

Mother duck with her ducklings
A chain of islands


Your eyes are like pools
Such immeasurable depths

Pooling resources
They came up with four dollars
Enough for coffee

Final game of pool
Needed to pocket to win
His right hand shaking

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