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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Haiku on Crash/ Cut/ Confuse/ Target/ Desire


Storms and a king tide
Will the island wash away
Under crashing waves

A crash and grab raid
Car driven through glass front doors
All on camera

Totally tone deaf
Years at back of orchestra
Crashing the cymbals


Having cut herself
She then wrote 'Love' on her arms
And it seemed to help

Cut, cute, cuticle
Have similar roots


Heated and confused
No male in sight anywhere
Clownfish changes sex

So you confuse me
You look so attainable
Yet I keep failing

Ball and three cups trick
Confuses people I know
But never a cat


Arrow through the head
Targeted intervention
Recurrent headaches

Cupid's messenger
Eyes darting round the ballroom
Seeking his target

Ever the victim
Found the target on his back
And redesigned it


Do not desire fame
She's a demanding mistress
Always wanting more

Desire for riches
Makes people blind to the world
Our natural wealth

Desire found wanting
Fantasies lost in the need
Urgency gentled

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