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Monday, March 13, 2017

Haiku on Original/ Stark/ Guest/ Soft


Original bin
Now full to overflowing
God needs a new one

Original thought
Three different geniuses
Fought over patent

Ancient Barbie doll
Still in original box
Worth a small fortune


Single black brush stroke
Stark on the thick white vellum

He stood centre stage
Stark against the white backdrop
Monologue ready

Losers do little
In stark contrast to winners
Who work really hard


A guest in your life
Here to do the best I can
Where shall we begin?

Four months hard labour
In English seaside guest house
Then solitary

Winter has arrived
Bringing some unwanted guests
Viral contagion


Scratching the surface
Hard as nails for a head scratch
Soft as down further

Meditation thoughts
Softly flowing through the mind
Eradicate pain

Tissue soft on nose
But after the fifteenth time
Soreness emerges

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