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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Haiku on Home/ Dazzle/ Paradise/ Wall


Home is not a house
House only becomes a home
When we give it heart

Something in my head
Always helps to guide me home
Bit like a pigeon

Had a little drink
About an hour ago
Can't find my way home


Steps from her shower
Water droplets glistening
The morning dazzle

Sequins and fireworks
Razzle dazzle pretending
Life is just a dream

Wing mirror dazzle
Here comes another road train
Rumbling past at speed


Food on the table
Surrounded by family
I'm in paradise

Everything will work
Someone will run the country
Fool's paradise

Bronzed bodies sunning
Children building sand castles
Our beach paradise


Seems to be a wall
Hovering between we two
Mostly my hot air

A strange conundrum
The wall built to keep us out
Now protecting us

Leaned against the wall
Never pushed or anything
It just fell over

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