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Friday, October 28, 2016

Haiku on Compose/ Wander/ Repeat/ Paradise

I am now composed
Words dancing to the music
My heart in the song

Political parties smell
Self-interest rules

Compose yourself dear
La Gioconda smile please
We're ready to paint

It is a Monday
What shall we all do today?
Wander round the shops

English football pools
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Just one of the names

Staying on the task
Sometimes very difficult
The mind can wander

You can unsubscribe
As many times as you like
Repeat junk mails come

I repeat myself
Sincerely apologise
Or did I do that?

Repeat after me
So I just said: 'after me'
And got detention

Feathers all over
A rich transvestite costume
Bird of Paradise

In Paradise Road
House signs 'Shangri-la', 'Heaven'
One even said 'Fool's...'

Took me time to learn
Paradise is where you are
May I stay here, love?

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