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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Haiku on Drive/ Price/ Stunning/ Beauty


The drive to survive
So strong in most of us, yet
Absent in a few

Drive on the right side
Which in our case means the left
Confusing, maybe

Bribie Island home
50 mile driveable beach
Must let tyres down


Truth of modern life
Everything has a price
Some have no value

An eight year old's jokes
Priceless when you first hear them
At some cost the fifth

Have to ask the price?
You cannot afford to buy
Gems at Tiffany's


Walked into glass door
Momentarily stunning
Must be more careful

'Twas a stunning day
Feel like run over by car
Oh, I was, was I?

I was just thinking
You are stunning without clothes
And then you hit me


Beauty in haiku
Simplicity of the words
Conjuring image

Beauty in the eye
Will have shiner tomorrow
Boxing is like that

Canal at sunset
Fire reflected in water
Natural beauty

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