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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Haiku on Please/ Settle/ Improve/ Bare


If it pleases you
Then it also pleases me
Pleased to continue

The Gods please themselves
That's why it rained on Sun day
And froze on Fry day

Please yourself, he said
Then stood by her, while watching
And learned quite a lot


Settled on settee
The two of them snuggled up
For 'The Winter's Tale

Feel just like a dog
Go round and round the basket
Before I settle

Sit in quiet space
Let all your thoughts flow and ebb
To settle your mind


Wanted to improve
Rise above my former self
Conquered the mountain

Improve your baking
Maybe some yeast is wanted
Watch the bread rise

After each sun rise
The light improves such a lot
Just what I wanted


Bare trees in moonlight
Stark contrast against backdrop
Monochrome image

Bare necessities
Some food, water, and your love
Everything I need

He had a quick shave
And said he would be back soon
The bare faced liar

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