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Friday, May 8, 2015

Haiku on Filth/ Ragged/ Stop/ Stare


So you chop leaves fine
Wrap in paper, set alight
And breathe in the filth

'Where there's muck, there's brass'
Scouring the lives of screen stars
For 'Filth' magazine

Out of muddy filth
From deep in our garden pond
A lotus blooms pure


Raggedy Andy
Very much the afterthought
To Raggedy Ann

In that one moment
Eyes burning, breath so ragged
Knew I had lost you

Ragged rascal ran
Racing around rugged rocks
Reaching Royal Road


Stop. Think about it
Hundred years ago, this day
Men fought World War One

Stop all the pressure
Sit and let you mind run free
Breathe gently. Accept.

Let me tell you, dear
I don't want this life to stop
It's been too much fun


We stare into space
Our future predetermined
Some aeons ago

My eyes unfocussed
Sometimes I just sit and stare
Mind-cleansing routine

Look in the mirror
This old man just stares at me
With great sympathy

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