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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Haiku on Dark/ Cold & Hide/ Break/ and Others


Dancing in the dark
Oh sorry, was that your foot?
Not so good at this

We have had dark times
Together we both survived
And sought out the light

Sitting in the dark
Letting troubled mind wander
Helps retrieve the light

Cold & Hide

Really cold outside
Time to hide under covers
And share some stories

In cold morning light
Peering out from the bird hide
We see some cute chicks

Cold sore on my lip
Really so embarrassing
Hide myself away


Taking a small break
May have to give it all back
People are watching

Happiness strikes me
I have to break into song
Can't remember words

I get to see Mt Fuji
A break in the clouds


Standing on cliff top
Counting lighthouse sweep seconds
Mournful fog horn sounds

You are by my side
Ever constant companion
Sharing air and life

Single lonely pine
Defiant on mountain side
After avalanche

Solitary side of beef
Awaits the butcher

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