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Monday, August 25, 2014

Haiku on Style/ Even/ Silence/ Available


Couple have real style
But they are private people
So nobody knows

I'm into nature
Emulate reality
Hairstyle like a bush

The top end of fame
People prancing through their lives
All style, no substance


Breathing quite even
Her sleep is deep and restful
She is not dreaming

Even birds storm hide
Hunkered down low in the trees
Miserably wet

Detractors can rest
I've no wish to get even
Leave them in my wake


Not a word was said
The silence stretched between them
He reached out a hand

Both well connected
There was no time for silence
They both had iPhones

In between each word
He listened to the silence
And heard her meaning


Make available
Open possibility
Welcome the new day

Psychiatrist booth
Available for comment
Make plans for five cents

Car industry gone
Available makes reduced
Take bus; ride a bike

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