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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Haiku on Empty/ Home/ Quick/ Despite


My mind now empty
Somewhere between on and off
Ready for the worst

Between empty jobs
Worst you could possibly feel
Ready for a change

Ready and willing
Diary empty today
Between three and four


A place to call home
One place in life we can be
Simply who we are

Now we are back home
Few regrets about travel
Wish we'd stayed longer

Few wishes come true
But you are my dream my love
Filling home with joy


A quick assessment
Glowering clouds in the sky
It will rain today

On alert since dawn
His quick mind took in the scene
Not a creature moved

Quick breakfast needed
Then it's off to work we go
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Damn


Despite all my rage
I'm just a rat in a cage
I cannot be saved

Despite all we know
Parents still abuse children
Causing lifelong pain

Despite all the drought
Underground rivers still run
Down towards the sea

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