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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Haiku on Huge/ Remember/ Real/ Relax


A huge endeavour
Stopping the daily clamour
To let the light in

Put that thing away
You are not coming near me
With something so huge

Little bloke, huge effort
Managed to reach the butter
To spread on his toast


Remember my birth
And the day I choose to die
Put words in between

Remember these words
Now please tell me them backwards
My poor dementia

When you're old and grey
Important to remember
To do your zip up


Woke up this morning
Sky and water blazing red
A real storm warning

Inner life is real
External world comes and goes
Others' phantasies

Truth is never real
Changes for the occasion
So ephemeral


He was really ill
Then once more had a relax
Now he's much better

Just lie quietly
Relax while I tickle you
No, no, just relax

Knitting to relax
Oh dear, I've just dropped a stitch
Wonder where that went

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