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Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Free Download: Seeking Solutions to Self-injury; a Guide for Parents and Families

This guide was developed in 2010, and specifically written for parents and family members who may be struggling to manage a teenager or young adult who is self-injuring. The guide was based on about 60 interviews with young people, and over 40 with professionals who have experience in the area. 
Please feel free to download the guide and give a copy to anyone you know who may need advice on this matter.

Go to: 

Click on Resources in the header

Click on 'Seeking Solutions Parents' to download

Martin, G., Hasking, P., Swannell, S., McAllister, 2010. Seeking Solutions to Self-injury: A Guide for Parents and Families. Centre for Suicide Prevention Studies. Discipline of Psychiatry. The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-4-4
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