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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Haiku on 'Wasted', 'Yearn' and 'Absolve'


Nothing is wasted
One person's ancient discards
Another's treasure

An old truism
Youth is wasted on the young
Not sure what that means...

Training of children
So much energy wasted
Just share life and love


Yearn for your body
Its warmth, its smell, its closeness
You lie there sleeping

Yearning for silence
Away from the madding crowd
Soughing of the breeze

A jealous goddess
Pinching those who come too close
While yearning for love


Accept and move on
Allow your mind to absolve
In meditation

Sins of omission
Fiddling while our world heats up
Cannot be absolved

I can't forgive you
Until I forgive myself
A selfie absolve

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