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Monday, October 28, 2013

Haiku on 'Bright', 'Chase' and 'Don't'


Something to ponder
Our sun has a bright future
As supernova

There was this bright light
I must have passed out, I think
A flash in the pan

Bright little people
Just adore my grandchildren
Hope for the future


Chasing each other
Thoughts tumble over visions
Tripping up the mind

Poor people chase rich
Rich people chase the dollar
Fools chasing nightmares

Foxhounds chase the fox
But greyhounds don't chase the grey
Odd language English


Don't get above your station
Don't be too clever

Think outside the square
Be creative with your life
Don't be over-ruled

We all make mistakes
Don't be so hard on yourself
Give yourself a break

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