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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transverse Myelitis: apparently I am NOT alone

I have been attempting to make people aware of my new book. The story of my partial recovery from Transverse Myelitis, a paralysing spinal condition that left me with ongoing loss of sensation and power in both legs, and a range of other frustrating handicaps. ‘Taking Charge’ follows my journey from the first horrifying days in hospital, through a dedicated Spinal Unit, to my return to home, work and life. You can buy it at:
My hope was always that it would help other people; an intensely personal report of a journey that might make people both laugh and cry.

My thinking was to advertise the book through Twitter and Facebook and all sorts of other places. My thinking must have been a bit closed. Because...
I have had TM now for over 3 years, and had not really reached out for support my self- except of course through my family and friends.
I put 'Transverse Myelitis' into the ?? box on Facebook. TM is rare, affecting perhaps up to 7 per million people pa. So imagine my surprise to find some active, supportive and joyful support groups - who have already helped me to feel welcome, but also not 'strange'

My sincere thanks to 

Transverse Myelitis Awareness

Transverse Myelitis Society

People living with Transverse Myelitis

Apparently I am not as alone as I had thought.... Just love the internet and modern communications....

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