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Friday, June 14, 2013

Transverse Myelitis - my referred chest pain is so much better since acupuncture yesterday

Over the last few weeks, my referred pain has been getting more niggling, sharp enough to make my eyes water at times, and I have to admit I have resorted to a couple of paracetamol on some days. The pain starts to the right of my spine in the middle of my back - about T7 - and then radiates slightly down and round the right chest wall to the edge of my ribs in the front where (strangely) I have chronic numbness but also recurrent bouts of 'stinging' pain - sometimes just on breathing out, or on twisting, or after driving.
So yesterday I went back to my acupuncturist, who listened to the complete story (yes, there are other bits), and put needles in a variety of places - some of which were close to the pain, but most of which were way away.
After the treatment he stuck little squares (half a centimetre square) on my back which have a very short point attached to them. On moving you can sometimes feel the point, but it is not bad. I have five in my back from the spine down along the track, and two round the front in particularly sore spots. I have to wear these for 5 days.... (So I was a bit worried by the spa bath we had this morning, in case they washed off - which they did not!).
The result: I feel so much better, my movement is easier, I can breathe in and out more easily, and my sleep has not been troubled by the pains. So Western Medicine would demand the evidence? Well, N=1, I AM the evidence (as far as I am concerned). I really would like to know whether others have experienced this effect.

See Chapter 13 in Taking Charge: a journey of recovery for more about Acupuncture and my experience.

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