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Friday, June 14, 2013

Transverse Myelitis -The strange thing is....

I have spent a time on various Facebook sites linked to Transverse Myelitis, and the strange thing is there are so many people suffering from this supposedly rare illness.
The second thing is that when people write about their experiences, I can recognise so much of what they are saying. Of course we are all different, but the similarities are what are most striking.
The third thing is how many people bewail the fact that their physician either does not seem to quite understand or accept what they are going through, OR labels it in ways that may not be helpful, OR actually blocks people from actively seeking services such as a pain clinic assessment.
Finally, there are some people who, like me, added a range of alternative approaches to the standard medical approach and found benefit. BUT, there are also so many people who have not considered these approaches - particularly acupuncture.
So there seems to be a place for me to keep advertising my book...
If you know someone who might benefit from a personal story, please recommend the book

Taking Charge: A journey of recovery

Yes, of course I want to sell lots of copies - even though I would not wish this cruel illness on anyone...

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