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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Monday Free .pdf Download: Media and Suicide

This paper was an early synthesis of what we know about Media Influences in Suicide. It raised the specific issue of how we could use this knowledge to prevent copycat suicides after a high profile suicide, based on the experience of Kurt Cobain and his partner Courtney Love.

As I noted in the introduction: "This review explores the influence to suicide in print and electronic media, and considers both real and fictional deaths. The conclusion appears inescapable that reports about celebrities which are multi-modal, repeated, explicit, front page, glorify the suicide, and describe the method lead to an increase in deaths from suicide, particularly in the region in which reports are published. The paper argues that even if there was multi-national agreement to international guidelines, media will continue to report suicide when it is considered to be “a matter of public interest”. What appears crucial is a collaborative approach between professionals and the media to promote a negative attitude toward suicide without increasing stigma toward those with mental health problems." 
Martin G., 1998.  Media Influence to Suicide; the search for solutions.  Archives of Suicide Research, 4:1,1-12.
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