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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Haiku on Depend/ Survive/ Nervous/ Last/


Your best quality
Is dependability
You are always there

A small dependant
Lost child hanging round my neck
To be remembered

Need to write haiku
I depend on mindfulness
Evoked by a word


A thought keeps nagging
I've told it to go away
How will I survive?

An old sway-backed nag
Survived long after she should
Just a bit knackered

Being nagged again
One more damned thing to survive
I do know I'm loved


A small nervous tick
Holding a hair of the dog
Expecting brush off

Nervous debutante
Beautiful but scared to speak
With halitosis

One desk of hundreds
Nervous anticipation
"Begin your exam"


Fifty years ago
We wondered if love would last
Guess it did, my dear

Saw the red tail lights
Missed the last bus home, again
I'll just have to walk

Hitting the windscreen
Last thing going through its mind

Is the fly's behind

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