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Monday, June 5, 2017

Haiku on Mess/ Attraction/ Unreality/ Start/ Thinking


Making Pavlova
Oh dear, I dropped it again
One more Eton Mess

Post Brexit chaos
Then Cameron dropped the ball
One more Eton mess

Surrounded by mess
Meditating quietly
Fix the inside first

On Attraction

A jolly good wash
The glamour girl disappears
Plain Jane underneath

A grade of sticky
Somewhat closer to tacky
Instinct says avoid

She looked rather sweet
Good to try everything once
But never again


Brexit, Trump, Turkey
The world needs a cold shower

Battle of the Somme
Nothing learned from history

You and me, my love
Lost like two babes in the wood


She gave a small start
And that was where it ended
As her dreamscape changed

Heart needs a kick start
Atrial fibrillation

As the racing starts
He's quietly confidant
Holding chequered flag


I am not thinking
About politics world wide
Makes my mind shudder

When I am thinking
I let my mind wander wide
Making connections

Thinking it all through
Decided it was rubbish
And went back to sleep

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