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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Swimming in a storm - hail and all...

Over the last couple of days there have been physically destructive storms sweeping across Queensland from the West. I guess they have not been as bad as Sandy (NY), but they have caused trouble.
So all last night there were storms - probably 3 inches of rain, lightning and thunder ++. Then, at midday, the sun came out, the pool was 30 degrees, so Jan and I went for a swim. Lovely
Then the sky began to darken very quickly, then it began to rain, and then following some massive droplets, it began to hail - many stones about a centimetre across. Wow. We could not get out for fear of being hit, the temperature had fallen drastically, but it was nice and warm in the pool. So what do you do? Answer - stay in the warm. Luckily we have some 'sails ' across half of the pool, so we could sit and watch the anger of the heavens from under a canopy. All very exciting, and just a bit terrifying.

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