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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vancouver, Canada (6th March and 6 degrees) (2)

Don't you just love how chance plays a wonderful part in life? We asked the hotel to recommend a good french restaurant (we are in Canada after all). They suggested "Le Gavroche" Vancouver’s longest-standing French restaurant, open since 1978.
What lovely people. What great French cuisine - superb presentation, with just enough at each course to satisfy the taste and the stomach. Sorbet between two courses - can't remember the last time we had that. Stunning Lobster Bisque, and then the fish on black rice with Asparagus - wow. With a really nice Cote du Rhone. Then the Creme Brulée - double wow. I really appreciated this end to the first day. Makes you feel the journey is so worthwhile. Love Vancouver already.... But then I love anywhere they serve such good creme brulée....  (LOL)
What a cute little place.

Creme Brulée - Mmmm...

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