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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Future Beckons

I will not be here in 2100, yet I can still have concerns about how the world is shaping, what it might look like a few years from now, and what we could be thinking about to reduce the possibilities of an increasingly feral future. From my small corner of the world I am more and more worried that we have all these big picture worries at the international and national level, but we don't seem to think much about the day by day experience of ordinary families, and how this might influence children growing up into a world that will be very different to ours.
So I am going to draw on my 42 years of being a doctor, my 35 years of being a shrink, my 40 years of experiences as a father and grandfather, and see if I can make some sense of what I am experiencing at this point toward the end of what has been a stellar professional career. My hope is that we may begin a rich dialogue which might give us some ideas about the changes we have to make for our children to grow stronger, and prepare them for whatever the future holds.

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