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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Haiku on Weak/ Prospect/ Long/ Ask


A karate feint
May look like a weak attack
Strike preparation

A mewling kitten
Rescued from stormwater drain
Too weak to be scared

Interstellar noise
From thousands of years ago
A weak cry for help?


He had learned nothing
All the way through his school life
Work prospects were dim

The prospect of gold
Led many to Ballarat
Pick, shovel, and pan

He salivated
Prospect of her in his bed
Without any clothes


He drew a long bow
Letting his arguments fly
For others to prove

Long hair and a beard
Flared trousers, psychedelia
I miss the seventies

Long road to success
Success keeps us on the road
Enjoy the journey


Not sure where to go
You could end up somewhere else
Best to ask a friend

Asking directions
On how to run your love life
Is not a good start

Ask the oracle
Should I ask you a question?
Maybe, maybe not

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