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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Haiku on Horror/ Bridge/ Feel/ Always


Go to the movies
Horror in every film
What's the point of that?

Watch the TV News
Horror in every story
What's the point of that?

Read the newspapers
Horror on every page
What's the point of that?


One of life's helpers
Creating links for others
They called her Bridget

Bridge players don't die
Always making new contracts
With what they are dealt

Music Therapy
Reinvigorates old minds
A bridge to the past


I feel the feelings
Watching facial expression
Good for therapy

Reach across the bed
Refuge in the darkest night
Need to feel you breathe

Look at this brilliant painting
Feel what the artist felt


Always thinking good
Positive connotation
Very hard some days

Had this brilliant thought
But then you announced lunchtime
Always important

In total silence
There is always some small sound
Listen to your heart

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