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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Haiku on Need/ Thought/ Vote/ Else


See that iced water
Just tip it over me please
Thanks, I needed that

We need rain and sun
In the darkness we need light
And now we need hope

In the hours of need
You have been my one constant
Ever present love


I thought it all through
Totally logical plan
Then I missed the bus

Thoughts flew from my mind
Just seeing you lying there
A surge of pure lust

Totally random
This brilliant thought came to me
Popped into my mind


Follow party vote
Don't think about the issues
Not worth the trouble

I don't want to vote
I don't like the candidates
Please can I abstain

Why call them parties?
They’re all so miserable
Boring, defensive


If you do not know
Where you're going in this life
End up somewhere else

You listen to me
Or else I will be forced to
To bore you again

Elsie lost her mind
Had no sense of who she was
Now they call her Else

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