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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Haiku on Almost/ Need/ Far/ Ran


Catching a goldfish
Needs a pair of steady hands
And fish mind, almost

Tried to understand
Thought I had almost got it
Then it slipped my mind

In utter silence
You almost hear your own mind
Stream of consciousness


I need peace, quiet
Stop people from telling me
Make up my own mind

I need to lose weight
Everyone keeps telling me
I don't believe them

I need exercise
Everyone keeps telling me
I don't believe it


Far down the time track
Someone will read my haiku
Maybe wonder why?

He was far sighted
And knew when the world would end
Which left him speechless

In a far off land
There is a small child weeping
Hungry, alone, lost


Sweat ran down her face
The whole effort and worry
Of giving live birth

An Adelaide Marathon
The last time I ran

Ran across the road
If I had walked more slowly
Truck might have hit me

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