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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Haiku on Number/ Blend/ Protect/ Send


One hundred and one
Such a cute little number
In binary code

Come in Number One
Your Pedalo time is up
London Serpentine

What was her number?
Had it a minute ago
Need to give a ring...


Your daughter and sons
Such a rich blend of us two
Why am I surprised?

Coffee coloured folk
Blend of americano
With a lot of cream

I'm a bit mixed up
Blend, Vitamize, purée,
Are they all the same?


Swirling atmosphere
Protects this tiny planet
From the universe

Primary thinking
God protect America
From scoundrels and thieves

Why do nuts have shells?
Protection so hard to crack
Blocks development


You can send me up
In any way you want to
You won't bring me down

You send me your love
Tweeted to the universe
I only read braille

Send me a letter
Hand written in cursive script
Recounting our love

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