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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Haiku on Extra/ Fable/ Summer/ Regular


Extra, Listen up
I did not get an Oscar
But I'm not in films

Extra salt in food
Makes extra swollen ankles
Extra weight on scales

Want to be happy?
For that little bit extra
Try a small kindness

Shaping children's lives
Fantasies, fables and lies
Till they know better

Politicians' words
Examined over the years
Turned into fables

The fabled frog
According to Basho
Splashed into a pond


A great accountant
Always knew his vocation
Good summer at school

A radiant smile
And sunny disposition
Her name was Summer

Summer holiday
Avoiding global warming
Sitting in ice cave


Metronome practice
Tick tock finger exercise
For regular beat

She arrived at work
As regular as clockwork
On the dot of nine

Regular meter
In Shakespearean haiku
Sonnet Japanoise

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